• Our Imperial Series Profile’s smooth lines make this an ideal window for all applications.
  • The Imperial Series Is inexpensive yet very high quality and will provide energy efficiency and durability that no other window in it’s price range will match.
  • No FLIMSY vinyl here. Relax with virtually maintenance-free vinyl frames that won’t warp, rot, peel, or fade.
  • Operate and unlock the window with minimal effort. Super Secure Locking System.
  • Live worry-free with a Full Lifetime Warranty with glass breakage protection.
  • Enjoy effortless operation and easy-glide window panels with smooth nylon rollers.
  • Feel secure with our steel enforcement beam, Its performance meets California forced-entry codes, some of the toughest in the nation.
  • Enjoy superior energy savings and protection against fabric fading with Cardinal’s LoE366® glass.
  • Argon gas filled insulated glass unit for superior insulation.
  • Optional Internal Grids (in between the two layers of glass) available with many patterns to choose from.
  • We use only uses high quality Quanex® energy efficient spacers which are guaranteed not to fail.
  • Available in Retrofit Fin , Block and new construction frames.
  • One –way weephole technology let’s the moisture out but keeps dirt dust and insect from coming in.
  • NFRC certified to meet or exceed industry structural and energy efficiency standards.


most common configurationS

Horizontal Slider


 Sliding windows open horizontally. You move one section of the window to the left or the right and you have an exposed opening. Think of them as sash windows set on the side. You get the same opening size, but it’s horizontal. The sections slide through built-in tracks designed for smooth operation and simplicity. 

XOX Horizontal Slider


 Horizontal Slider Vinyl Windows has two sliding sashes that slide along side a fixed sash in the middle of the two operating panels.  

Arch Window


 The arch was used heavily in Roman architecture, and when it’s used in modern homes it has a timeless appeal that helps open up the space and create a unique look. Arched windows will add architectural interest to your home and increase the overall curb appeal. 

Single Hung


 Single hung windows are a popular sash type window that opens vertically. These affordable windows are simple to use and are commonly found in most homes. When most people think of standard windows in a home, single hung windows come to mind. 

Picture Window


 Picture windows are typically large windows that  isn’t broken up by any lines, can not be opened, and are often found in living rooms. They offer a nice clear view that isn’t split or altered in any way. When you want to create the illusion of an indoor/outdoor space, picture windows are great for letting in a great deal of sunlight and connecting your indoor living space with your natural outside surroundings. 

Internal Grid Options

Flat Grid
Options: 3/4" or 1"


Sculptured Grid
Options: 3/4" or 1"


Internal Grids Available

Colonial Grid Pattern


Double Prairie Grid Pattern


Queen Anne Grids


Marginal Mg 11 Grid


available frames

Retrofit Frame


Replacement Windows where the existing aluminum windows are in place .  These windows have a large exterior flange that is designed to conceal the existing window's frame. 

Block Frame


 Block frame (box unit) installation involves replacing only the window’s existing sash and leaving the window frame intact 

Nail-On Frame


 New construction windows are used when a brand new home or a new addition to a home is being built.  

Nail-On 1 3/8"Setback Frame


New Construction Windows that offer more depth than the standard Nail - On Frame Window.

color options


 White and Almond are our two standard extruded colors