laminated glass

Life can be unpredictable. Everyone is concerned about the safety of homes and families. Unforeseen weather can cause havoc for homeowners. Today’s auto and air traffic mean that the world is an increasingly noisy place.

So taking practical steps to protect your interests is smart. Laminated glass products from Cardinal LG Company can help, offering a level of security and serenity that can’t be realized with ordinary glass.

Safety, security and serenity

Ordinary annealed glass breaks easily. Tempered glass, while stronger, shatters under a greater impact. But laminated glass is different. If laminated glass is broken, the vinyl inter layer remains in the frame, with glass fragments adhering to the inter layer. This provides a strong barrier against forced entry and cannot be cut from one side only, which renders glass cutters useless.


Planes, trains and automobiles

 The world gets noisier every day. Laminated glass is an effective way to reduce unwanted outside noise. This is especially useful in areas near airports, industry, traffic, or wherever unpleasant sounds exist.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) developed the Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) to describe the sound isolation performance of materials. A higher OITC rating indicates a greater sound dampening effect.

Laminated glass increases the OITC rating of a window, diminishing unwanted outside noises. When combined with an IG unit, the acoustical benefits to your windows increase – and a double-laminated IG unit provides maximum sound protection.